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As a London Assembly Member it’s my job to scrutinise the Mayor of London and his work, trying to challenge his plans and services when I feel they are not good enough but also to support key projects for London cross party when it’s the right thing to do.

My main role at City Hall is as the Labour Transport Spokeswoman as well as being the Deputy Leader and Chief Whip of the Labour Group. But as the Mayor runs not just Transport in London, but also the Police, Fire Brigade and large regeneration, planning and housing functions these are all areas I take an active interest in.

On Transport my priorities are improving the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, making our public transport services less overcrowded and more accessible for all of us and meeting the economic needs of our growing city. I take a close interest in how well our bus, tube and train services are running and support key projects to see their extension and improvement.

My commitment to you, my constituents, is always to represent you to the best of my ability and get the best outcomes I can for London as a whole but Lambeth and Southwark in particular.

My aim in this website is to give you a flavour of the projects I’m working on and to get your feedback on the work I’m doing. This is where I ask for you to talk about your problems, tell me what you think about major transport issues in London and say what your aspirations are for our community in South London. Please do get in touch with your views.


Valerie Shawcross
London Assembly Member for Lambeth & Southwark

Latest News
End London’s North-South divide over school-children free travel

London’s primary school children should be given free travel during school holidays to make it easier for them to make the most of the capital’s attractions and museums Labour’s London Assembly Transport Spokesperson Val Shawcross has argued. (more…)

Latest on broadband services in Rotherhithe

Residents of Rotherhithe will know that there’s been a big collaborative project between the community, me, our local Councillors and the Canada Water Community Forum to push for Superfast Broad band to be available in Rotherhithe.

To cut to the chase, I have just had public confirmation from BT that Openreach have an outlined project signed off to roll out Superfast Broadband in Rotherhithe over the coming financial year.   By March 2017 Southwark will have a total of 84% coverage of Superfast Broadband (by all providers) and the majority of Rotherhithe will be covered.  (more…)

Val’s statement on London Underground strike

Commenting on the tube strike due to start at 6.30pm this (Wednesday) evening Labour’s London Assembly Transport Spokesperson Val Shawcross AM said:

“The night tube will be a great innovation for London it but it will have an enormous impact on thousands of staff who deserve a fair deal. (more…)