Welcome to my website

As a London Assembly Member it’s my job to scrutinise the Mayor of London and his work, trying to challenge his plans and services when I feel they are not good enough but also to support key projects for London cross party when it’s the right thing to do.

My main role at City Hall is as the Labour Transport Spokeswoman as well as being the Deputy Leader and Chief Whip of the Labour Group. But as the Mayor runs not just Transport in London, but also the Police, Fire Brigade and large regeneration, planning and housing functions these are all areas I take an active interest in.

On Transport my priorities are improving the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, making our public transport services less overcrowded and more accessible for all of us and meeting the economic needs of our growing city. I take a close interest in how well our bus, tube and train services are running and support key projects to see their extension and improvement.

My commitment to you, my constituents, is always to represent you to the best of my ability and get the best outcomes I can for London as a whole but Lambeth and Southwark in particular.

My aim in this website is to give you a flavour of the projects I’m working on and to get your feedback on the work I’m doing. This is where I ask for you to talk about your problems, tell me what you think about major transport issues in London and say what your aspirations are for our community in South London. Please do get in touch with your views.


Valerie Shawcross
London Assembly Member for Lambeth & Southwark

Latest News
Bumper fare rises for commuters in Lambeth & Southwark

With RPI inflation today (Tuesday) calculated as 2.5%, London Assembly Member Val Shawcross has urged the Mayor of London not to impose his planned inflation busting fare rises. The Mayor’s Business Plan states that fares are scheduled to increase at RPI plus one per cent in January, meaning that fares would rise by 3.5% across London. (more…)

If London is the world’s top tourist destination, our hotels should be paying staff a ‘Living Wage’

Last week I joined a Unite rally outside City Hall in support of a living wage for hotel workers.

The hospitality sector is a particular problem for poverty pay. The most recent London Poverty Profile report found that 115,000 people are paid less than the London Living Wage in London’s hospitality sector: a number equivalent to a town the size of Cambridge and nearly enough to fill the Olympic Stadium twice. While just 5% of all the jobs in London are in this sector, it accounts for 20% of all the jobs paid below the London Living Wage. (more…)

Passengers need good advice on London Bridge August closure

South London commuters could face an unwanted surprise at the end of next month, as key interchange station London Bridge closes to Southern and First Capital Connect services from 23rd to 31st August. Local London Assembly Member Val Shawcross is urging rail companies to provide advice urgently and rail users to check their journey details to ensure they find alternative ways to get around.  (more…)